Distressed Hotel Asset Acquisition

Distressed Hotel Asset Acquisition

Hotel Equity Fund seeks hotel investments and distressed hotel asset acquisition in the $5,000,000 gross revenue range, which can benefit from a hotel capital infusion directly with comprehensive hotel management to regain market viability, focus, and dominance in.

Hotel Equity Fund Searches for Hotel Funding Candidates

We’re active in acquiring existing hotels and commercial real estate in most gateway markets. To this end, Hotel Equity Fund is diligently searching new single properties and portfolio acquisition leads, and all avenues of possibility, and we invite your inquiry into our proposals for hotel acquisition or distressed property recapitalization through a direct  strategic hotel capital infusion, hotel management and hotel finance resources. As a private equity hotel capital and funding group we can make decisions quickly. Given these turbulent times in the hospitality industry in major cities we are focused on real estate hotel assets that are under-performing or has repositioning values through residential, retail and hotel mix use. Our search is for hotels that have most of the following chrematistics:

  • Gross hotel revenues of at least $5,000,000
  • Hotel property is under-performing relative to it’s market set
  • Hotel capital improvements required for repositioning
  • Hotel lender relationship in potential jeopardy
  • No hotel management contract post closing encumbrance

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