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San Francisco Hotel Investments

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Los Angeles – Hotel Market Report 2020

Los Angeles, California, is a thriving global hub that boasts a hotel industry with several dynamic submarkets. The Los Angeles hotel sector (referred to as Los Angeles County) includes a diverse mix of submarkets. There is first-class luxury accommodation in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and other similar destinations. As well, there is comfortable lodging in smaller and more industrial regions to the south in Long Beach and to the east in the San Gabriel Valley.

Each submarket has its own unique appeal, and the general LA hotel industry has a history of significant and consistent growth. Continue reading


California Hotel InvestmentsSan Francisco CA Hotel Investments

San Francisco – Hotel Market Report 2020

Due to its diverse economy and strength in varied fields (health, finance, education, technology, etc.), San Francisco has a thriving hotel industry.

Indeed, this area is at the center stage of tech innovation. Industry-leading technology giants, such as Google, Apple, Facebook, eBay, and Hewlett-Packard (HP) make their home in San Francisco.

This city is a major center of employment in the high-tech and financial category. Several key factors contribute to the tremendous success of this lodging sector.

The greater San Francisco hotel market has a significant commercial base. There is an ever-expanding tech industry and overall dynamic economy in the San Francisco Bay area. Continue Reading


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West Hollywood CA – Hotel Market Report 2020

West Hollywood CA is a star in the U.S. hotel market. Of course, the city’s high-end options – its luxury sector – are just one example of the top-rated properties in West Hollywood.

This upscale lodging is designed to pamper guests with a spa experience, the ultimate amenities, and utmost in convenience. These spectacular hotels are the perfect hideaway and ideal place for luxury dreams.

The famous Sunset Strip is not a stranger to such luxurious accommodations. Therefore, West Hollywood will always attract guests from around the world who appreciate grand spaces and excellent service.

Travelers who have a passion for design, entertainment, and advertising seek out accommodation in this market. West Hollywood is not only upscale but it is also an extremely vibrant and dynamic marketplace. Continue reading